Innovative technology that transforms your practice

Harness technology. Enhance your practice with Nuo

Innovative technology that transforms your practice

Harness technology. Enhance your practice with Nuo

Nuo. The framework for your practice.

With the power of Nuo you will be able to optimise your practice for the digital age.

We create a digital version of you that links you to your patient at any time. 

Optimise care

Reduce your workload

Maximise revenue


“Nuo solves issues we thought unsolvable. Game changer”

Nuo is a bespoke consulting solution that is designed to make the working day easier. It is based on a combination of your hub, your personalised app for patients, along with ongoing management and education from our team.

By creating a connection between you and your patients, you will be able to deliver the highest standard of care and enhance your patients’ experience.

The digital version of you, that we will create will allow you to devote far more time to each patient, whilst reducing your workload.

Nuo is a bespoke consulting solution that is designed to make the working day easier. It is based on a combination of your hub, your personalised app for patients, along with ongoing management and education from our team.

By creating a connection between you and your patients, you will be able to deliver the highest standard of care and enhance your patients’ experience.

The digital version of you, that we will create will allow you to devote far more time to each patient, whilst reducing your workload.

Some of the features

We create your system. You get creative.

Nuo is the complete framework for you and your patients.

Let us show you the future of Medical care

Your Nuo hub

This is your control centre.

Easy to use with no installation required and automatic updates. Accessible from any desktop, laptop or tablet.

Designed to be beautifully simple. Almost all functions are accessible with a few clicks. We work very hard to make it hassle free.

Built to be handled easily by your admin staff, all functions can be controlled by them, minimising your effort.

Your patients’ app


This is the portal that you interact with your patient through. They download your app. This has been completely customised by us with all your information, content and bespoke functionality. A unique pathway is created between you and each individual patient. It is far from a generic fit-all solution.

All their medical information is accessible at their fingertips, so they can easily manage their care and be more likely to benefit to the fullest. All this is leveraged to perform the functions highlighted below, and much more.

Optimise your patients for treatment through individual pathways, with multimedia messages arriving exactly when needed.

This is the heart of Nuo. For any of your common procedures and treatments, unique automated treatment pathways are created for your patients to follow. This may involve sending your patients information on the procedure itself, steps to prepare or what to expect, remind them to start or stop medication or anything else. This is in the form of pre-prepared 4k videos, PDFs, prompted replies, reminders and more.

The one-off pathway created between you and each individual patient is used to send your tailored content as a series of time tagged events. The multimedia messages arrive before, during and after their treatment, multiple times a day if required. Whatever you decide just a few clicks will trigger these pathways that our team create alongside you.

Nuo allows you to optimise your patient before their procedure. Send them the information they need at the right time, be it more information or even a consenrt form to digest. You can reduce the risks of cancelled procedures due to avoidable causes such as missing vital medication or not fasting prior. Provide unprecedented levels of patient care with a virtual version of you guiding them along their journey.

How does it work?

We appreciate that the main limiting factor to providing the best possible treatment one can is time. If you had just one patient to look after, with all the time in the world, how would you manage them from the moment they walked in to your clinic all the way through the pre-op journey, during and after the procedure? At Nuo we have create this virtual version of you to accompany them.

We will create these tailored treatment plans with you, meaning just a few clicks will trigger this cascade every time it is needed.

This may involve sending them further information about the procedure and what to expect, a reminder on to pause certain blood thinning medication or another look over the consent form so they digest the information better. One can reassure them the night before the procedure with a quick video of what to do and a reminder to starve from midnight.  After the procedure reassure them and remind them that certain things are expected and normal and more importantly what to look out for in terms of complications.  If there is a physiotherapy programme you can remind them along the recovery period ensuring the very best results are achieved.

This level of care is possible with every one of your patients. Your way, your information, in their hand at the precise moment it is required. Rather than providing a lot of information simply in the limited time a pre-op appointment allows, and the limited compliance associated with paper leaflets. Be sure that your patients are informed and guided throughout.

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Reassure and support your patients through their recovery, identify complications early & vastly improve compliance.


More than just reassuring your patients that the procedure went well, ensure that they adhere to your post-op instructions accurately. Send pre-created reminders and guides for their physiotherapy regimen or medication timetable. Nuo ensures your patients are fully aware of what to do, or more importantly what not to do post-op, what they should expect and what to look out for.

Automated physio and exercise reminders and videos will greatly improve their compliance and outcome ensuring the very best experience for your patients. The early identification of complications, such as wound infections, will allow swift early management which is key in reducing morbidity.

Nuo will allow you to check up on all your patients well after the procedure is completed. This level of personalised care makes your patients healthier, extremely unlikely to complain and keen to recommend you to others.

Post-operative run through:

The post-operative period is always concerning for patients.  It is always difficult to determine how much pain and swelling is to be expected or what is normal or not.  It is sometimes even difficult for you as their Surgeon to be sure.

Nuo will allow you to reassure the patient post-op and motivate them to adhere to the physio guide.  You may send them a message the next morning reassuring them the procedure went well and what to expect over the coming days.

Many patients are unsure when it is safe to wash or shower and what level of mobility is encouraged, sending them reminders of this will vastly improve their experience.  A message can be sent asking to look at the wound to ensure nothing alarming is left too late. Not only can you send exercise reminders but also PDFs or videos showing them and guiding them.

As with the pre-operative phase, you can tailor your messages to arrive excatly when needed so compliance is way more probable and much more precise. Through Nuo we want to enhance all aspects of the post-operative care received and vastly improve outcomes.

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In app patient appointment reminders.

Reminding patients of their appointments is shown to reduce DNAs by 24%. Most services are text alert based, sending one message. Ours are in the form of personalised notifications. Multiple alerts are sent, in a visually pleasing manner.

Seamless ethical promotion of your services & products.

Your own advertising window, with zero commision paid to us. Alert all your patients, present and future to special offers, campaigns or new treatments. Ethically, quickly and free. All this without feeling like a salesman. As a member, simply call, tell us the product and price, and we will design a beautiful multimedia advert and upload it to your app.

Reach thousands, for free, with a simple call to us.

The prompted reply. A cornerstone of Nuo.


This is your safety net. Still concerned about a particular patient?  Maybe the wound was slightly worrying upon discharge. Rather than leaving the onus on the patient, Nuo will let you you to send a message to the patient and allow them to reply, either reassuring you or prompting them to contact you immediately. You can time this message to arrive after a specific period.

Identifying potential complications early dramatically reduces morbidity and outcomes making this feature essential for all surgeons.

Clinical follow up when concerned:

In the example given above, your patient is about to be discharged post-surgery and you want to keep an eye on the wound. Rather than bringing the patient into clinic in a few days, Nuo will allow you to be updated on the progress in a secure, efficient and effective manner.

The solution is simple. As soon as the patient leaves, your secretary types this message:

‘Hope you are doing well after the operation, please send me a picture of the wound AND call my team so we can make sure everything is as expected”

She then clicks ‘Photo prompted reply’, send ‘In 7 days’. One week later, at exactly the time you need to know, this message, titled in your name, appears on your patient’s phone. They click reply and easily inform you. You can take appropriate action right away, ask further questions through the app, whatever you deem suitable.

Build rapport:

In another scenario, one of your favourite patients has just told you they are going to their daughter’s wedding in Australia in a month. There and then you can send a timed congratulatory message which they receive on the precise day mentioned. The uses are endless.

This personalized care that is beyond the call of duty, will of course build good will with the patient, making them much less likely to complain and keen to recommend you to others. 

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Pricing & Clinic Guide.

Give your patients clarity. They have access to all the information you could want them to have, in their pocket, at all times. Your completely personalised app is an interactive business card to refer to and show others.

Let your patients get to know you and your team. Through a combination of text, photos and video, you provide your current and future patients with a window to your practice.

Meet your current and future patient. With a 4k video.

Showcase yourself in the best possible way. A 4k, Apple style bio video, is there for your current and future patients to see. All the information you want anyone to have, presented with excellence. Your patients through Nuo, will receive an optimised level of care. Give your patients the tools to sincerely promote you to new patients, build assurance and deeper credibility.

Educate and reassure your patients with an interactive library of your common procedures and cases.

Keep your patients fully informed with a set of guides on all your major treatments. Help promote good health, clear understanding and manage expectations. Patients can take in the information, in their own time and can refer back whenever they need.

An example use for common cases:

You are in an NHS clinic and have just told a patient they need a specific operation. As with many patients, you are concerned they may not have fully digested all the information relating to the procedure. They also seem potentially interested in going private with you.

You advise your patient to download your free patient app and go to the cases section. There they find your 4k video guide on the procedure discussed. They can show their family, refer back when required and are now better informed and have managed expectations. They then continue to browse the rest of your app, including your bio, clinic page and a detailed guide of the care they will receive as your Nuo patient. With a click of the integrated ‘call’ button, they book in with your private clinic.

Better inform your patients, manage expectations, and elegantly convert patients to your private practice.

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Your own app!

You have your own completely personalised app. This aspect itself is powerful. It offer an undoubted air of exclusivity. An interactive multimedia business card – always in your patient’s hand. To them, it represents an immense amount of care from you, and they have all their information at their fingertips, to refer to and show others.

Real Impacts

Nuo creates significant quantifiable impacts, including financial gains and time savings. However, not all the benefits can be shown on a spreadsheet. Your improved quality of life is a prime aim of Nuo. 

Here are some of the real benefits Nuo gives you, your patients and your practice. 

Healthier & grateful

Patients that really trust you and are proud and keen to recommend you.

More free time

For what really counts. Yet your patients feel like you are spending far more time with them.

More compliant

Your patients are fully informed exactly when they need to be. Motivation is increased and accuracy of after care far more insured.

Peace of mind

Give yourself clear headspace with much less to worry about. More confidence in your patients’ compliance and happiness with their level of care and follow up.

Earn more

Markedly increase net income. This is done through efficiency savings, reduced litigation, and new Nuo generated revenue.

Feel proud

Of your practice and your app. An elegant high end window to the world.

We've got you covered

Feedback has shown us what your initial concerns may be. Nuo has been built to remove difficulties and add none. Here are some of the most common assumptions and why you need not worry.

More work?

Nuo will reduce your workload in many of the time consuming tasks that burden you. Nuo has been designed fully aware of how challenging your role is. Nuo is there to ease.

Message influx?

Messaging is one way. Unless, for one message, you want a reply, for useful information. Then the channel is closed.

Designing offers?

You send us the most basic information. Product or service, and price. We do all the rest. In a beautiful, high end design.

Making videos?

We bring a studio to you. When suits you. Once. Even on a Sunday afternoon at your home. We can even provide tele prompt and have sample content to guide you.

Setup & training?

It is a standalone solution. We create your tailored system and integration into your practice is seamless. Open any computer or tablet and go. No installation. Automatic updates. With incredible ease of use.


Banking and NHS levels of security were our benchmark. Being entirely digital means we have even higher levels than paper based solutions employed by the above.

No smart phone?

87% of the UK population has a smartphone. In your private practice demographic, the percentage is markedly higher. In the extremely unlikely scenario someone does not, we have solutions for you.

Ongoing service

We will be adding features to keep improving. These will be integrated at no cost for existing members. Webinars, live guides, renewal of your content when required, and much more, will help support you.


Nuo is an all encompassing system. The only way to truly feel it’s potential is to have a go yourself. We look forward to meeting you and showing you how you can optimise your practice beyond what you thought possible.


Our team is always looking to improve Nuo to make your experience even better. We will be adding our other team members to this section soon.
Dr Samir Suliman

Dr Samir Suliman

Surgical Lead

Mr Anys Mahmoudi

Mr Anys Mahmoudi

Consulting Lead

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